About me


This is my Internet home, and the door is always open, so help yourself to a cup of tea and feel free to sit around as long as you like. There’s a nice view on the hills of Provence if you look carefully, and you could even catch a glimpse of the sea if you look close enough. Just make yourself at home.

My name is Cécile Cristofari. I live in South France, a beautiful place I like to write about a lot. I teach English to unruly but endearing teenagers in Marseilles, knit jumpers on long bus rides (you befriend a lot of people that way), dance an enthusiastic brand of flamenco even if I barely dare call it dancing, grow aromatic plants on my balcony among homeless weeds and sometimes write stories which rarely leave my computer. I believe that cats have the best philosophy in the world and that everything is better with cheese. I’d love to share a chat with you. If you end up one day on a bus between Aix-en-Provence and Marseilles and see someone tangled in her knitting needles, feel free to say hello, otherwise drop me a line here!