Last school day

Getting off the bus in Marseilles, very late for work, I heard voices call me from the other side of the street: ‘Madame! Madame!’ Turning around, I saw a group of students waving at me, the very same students I was supposed to be in class with at that moment. They were smiling and waving happily. I suppose I wasn’t such an appalling teacher to them, even though adjusting to high school was a massive challenge…

We exchanged news. I congratulated some of them on the documentaries they shot for their cinema class. We talked very little about the upcoming baccalauréat, which they will be thinking about soon enough. We didn’t mention the fact that all of us were supposed to be in class together; it was the last day of the school year after all. It made me smile to remember that the exact same thing happened to me during the last year of high school–I was taking a walk in the city during a history class, when I was greeted by none other that my history teacher, which triggered a very short moment of panic (‘Oh crap, he’s caught me skipping class–Wait a minute, what is he doing here?’). I left them to go to school, where, in a completely unsusprising turn, I spent the rest of the day in front of a computer, waiting for students who I suppose comfortably sat out Ramadan at home.

They’re right. It was much too warm to study anyway.


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