Goodbye, soon

Things I will miss from Québec:

Strangers smiling more often than not.

People using ‘tu’ even when they have never met you; the formal ‘vous’ would be the rule in France, but it’s so… well, formal.

Cranberries, blueberries and maple butter.

Dramatic season changes. Even with the feeling of helplessness in November (when the weather is at its most rotten) and March (when it should be spring already and everything is still covered in snow), it’s still amazing to see leaves turn red and flowers explode in summer.

Large summer campfires, where flames and embers get spit on the grass all around the fire pit and nobody even worry about starting a catastrophic fire, that’s how wet the grass is.

Water everywhere, in the air, in rivers, lakes, everything.

My friends.

Things I won’t miss:

Cars everywhere, and being unable to do something as simple as choose my own doctor without driving.

Mayonnaise everywhere; there’s no accounting for taste, but having to read every label to check if it will be soaked in mayo is not fun (MAJOR problem, I know, I know).

Working all the time, though it’s not Québec’s fault at all.

That’s about it. I hope I’ll come back one day. When and how… we’ll see. But one thing is certain, I won’t be working then.


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