November challenge

So, this is the part where some folks in Québec decided that November was a depressing month and it was time to liven things up. Translate: invite everyone on Tuesday mornings for an hour of outdoor workout at 6.30 am. Since my friends were going, I had an opportunity to jump into the car just before 6 am last week and today, to see if I was capable of handling burpees in the snow in the windiest part of the city.

Short answer: yes! I can do it! I looked like grumpy cat and also I’ve learned that no matter what dieting websites say, I’m not cut out for full-blown workouts before breakfast, but I’ve done it. My equipment was woefully inadequate (cotton trousers and light training shoes in ten centimetres of snow? Huge mistake), and there’s the part where of course I took off my gloves because I was getting hot and of course then I completely forgot that my hands were bare when time came to do push-ups and you can guess where this is going, but it was fun! And I watched the sun rise over the Saint-Lawrence and it was so romantic. Aside from the snotty nose and sweaty armpits and shouting coaches, obviously.

Now I have to go to the doctor to mend both of my knees because they’re getting so painful I can’t even walk straight down the stairs, but that’s no big deal. I’ve done it. And I’m going to enjoy staying in bed tomorrow morning like a champ.


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