Greetings from a rotten June

We’ve just started wearing summer clothes, and we’re nearing the longest days of the year. I don’t know what’s got into the climate, but if that means that this wretched global warming is indeed bringing a cooling of the weather down on Europe, then I only have one word: Please start taking the bus more often, people.

The school year informally ended two or three weeks ago, it seems. I can’t even convince my students that I’m completely serious when I give them homework (but then again I had trouble convincing many of them I was serious about making them study English at all, so perhaps that’s just me). Out there on the Côte d’Azur, the Japanese medlars are replacing oranges on the trees. I’m not sure I’m enjoying that job much anymore, but I will miss that place a lot.

And speaking of endings, did I mention that the Dissertation Monster has gone from looking like this:
… to looking like this:

That’s right: it’s finished, printed and in the hands of the jury, all five hundred pages of it. I’m still not certain I believe it’s going to be over in a week from now. At the moment, I’m thinking very hard of flats to buy, places to go next and what kind of food I’m going to serve at the traditional post-defence cocktail (I think I’ll settle on something Provençal and vegetarian, with some local wine and grape juice, and as much homemade stuff as I can manage). I don’t know what would happen to my brain if I just sat down and meditated on the fact that it’s really happening. I think I won’t try to find out.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying whatever nice fruit grows where you live in this season!


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