Adventures in conferences

Woke up this morning after a nightmare about the PhD jury slashing my thesis to bits. Here’s what bothers me most about those nightmares: it’s not that they’re stressful, it’s that they’re boringly stressful. It’s not like I much enjoyed the other one when everybody was being chased around by giant robots and cities were crumbling down, but at least I had some cool pictures in my head in the morning, after I’d had time to realise it was just a dream and I could enjoy it just like any terrifying horror movie. If that makes sense.

I particularly dislike the thesis-related dreams, because if I’m going to be stressed out, I want to be entertained at the very least, if that’s not too much to ask.


On the plane from Zurich to Montreal, I sat next to a man who looked rather scared of flying. He ordered one serving of wine after the other, very brusquely, cutting off the flight attendants who were explaining the menu, and he slept most of the rest of the time. When we finally landed, he sighed heavily and suddenly started to speak again, though he wasn’t very talkative.


Customs took forever. I should be finishing the decorative details on my powerpoint for my upcoming presentation at the conference, but by the time I got through the formalities, I’d had ample time to enter that state when you don’t know what time it is and the only reason you don’t buy another magazine is because you forgot to take Canadian dollars. So I’ll just thank Montréal airport for the free wifi.

Expecting a sound, deep and delightful night of sleep. Not even thesis dreams can disturb this one, I bet. Only five more hours to go…


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