Some of you may be aware of it, but there have been a growing number of violent attacks in the past few months in Pakistan, especially against the Shi'a community.

I know the media in the West encourage us to think that Christians are the ones in danger in Pakistan, but while this is true, many people also say that it is better to be Christian than Shi'a over there. There have been over two hundred casualties from the attacks in the Shi'a community so far in 2013, not counting the wounded, and thousands of deaths since the early nineties. They're a terrible tragedy, and it's even more terrible that many Western media are still framing terrorism in Pakistan as Muslims versus Christians, thus ignoring the suffering of so many people who don't share the traditional Western religion. I have good friends in Pakistan. There's not much I can do, except worry about them and open every article I can find on recent attacks, to check if it happened near the place where they live.

Please spare some good thoughts for the people there, and please remember that this is happening too–it's not always Them against Us, and it can be even more serious when it's not. It's the least we can do.


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