A collective valentine, because there’s no reason there shouldn’t be one

It is say that Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love. Not celebrate red hearts, chocolate boxes or couples; just love.

Somewhere in Rome, there's a skull that is said to have been Saint Valentine's. It's crowned with flowers, red and yellow ones. It looks as cheery as relics go, and not romantic at all. But who said anything about being romantic?

So since this is a day to think about all the people who bring a little light to your life, here is a collective valentine for all my friends, family, loved ones, and perhaps potential friends, who knows.

Some of you I see every week at least, some no more than once or twice a year, but every single time, frequent or rare, is valuable to me. Some of you I've only met a few times in real life, some I will perhaps meet in person one day, some not at all. This doesn't matter; however we talk, and wherever we do, I'm happier for it. Some people I've known since the day of my birth, and some for less than a year or two, but just like we need deeply rooted trees and ephemeral flowers to brighten our days, I'm glad to have you all. I don't want to write about anyone in particular, because writing slows your brain down, and I might forget someone. Now my brain isn't slowed at all, and I'm thinking of everyone! If you're reading this, then I probably know you; even if we've never met or talked or heard of each other, we might become friends one day. I hope we do!

So, thank you all for being here. I'm so glad our paths have crossed.


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