The war on Christmas was won

Yup. And before you go any further, of course I'm talking about the actual war on Christmas, the one that was formally declared, trumpets, thrown gloves and all. I'm talking about the war we've been waging against our invasion of mice.

Now they may be plotting their revenge with interests, but I don't care, today is Christmas and the Hordes of Evil Gnawing and Scurrying are still contained inside the wall, and that means a battle won as far as I'm concerned. The victory comes with a big Thank You to , for telling me that mice couldn't gnaw through metal. We stuffed their holes with steel mesh mixed in plaster, and this time, they couldn't dig again. They pay be probing the wall for another weak spot, but I'm waiting, and I'm entirely disposed to cover my whole flat with steel mesh if it comes to that. What with the quantity of plaster we already slathered the interior with, we're quite safe from the Hounds of Tindalos; now to seal our definitive victory against the Hordes!

That point having been settled, let's talk about important things.

I wish everyone reading a lovely end of the year, beautiful celebrations, and a flamboyant entrance into 2013–whatever the outcome, this is the right moment to take inspiration from Dr Frank'n'Furter rather than Jimmy Carter. Please have lots of yummy baking, successful cooking experiments (and I hope the unsuccessful ones don't burn your kitchen), healthy loved ones and healthy animal companions too (ever noticed how much better this sounds than "pets"?), long walks in the countryside for those of you who live there (and don't forget the pictures!), don't let politics bring your spirits down too much (I also wish politics will improve, just in case), and please sell lots of stories and put the links up somewhere, because that isn't just a strictly altruistic wish. And lots and lots of good thoughts and wishes for those reading this who are going through rough waters at the moment. I'll be working at lots of things next year and there will be lots of love and good will I'll be giving, so as I'm summoning them, let me share a little bit.

Have a fruitful new year! And now the cats need someone to say the same things to them with cuddles, so off I go…


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