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Psst–my poll on SFF readership is still up! If you haven't taken it and have three minutes on your hands (tops), my dissertation and I would be grateful if you had a look… and signal-boosting earns you my everlasting gratitude!

It's been a while since I've written about my brother's pictures… but he recently updated his website, and it's worth checking out! There's a new gallery of pictures from Mexico, Guatemala, and Salvador, in black and white (have a look at the portrait of Jhoanna…), another very nice one in colour, taken with our grandaunt's Rolleiflex, a few pictures from New York, and some lovely ones you'll have to check out for yourselves if you want to know what they are.

If you want some literature with your pictures, you can suscribe to Daily SF (if you haven't already done so!) and get a great story by Henry Szabranski tomorrow (Henry happens to be a writing buddy of mine–whose stories I've been shamefully slow to crit lately–but that's unrelated to the fact that he's a very good writer).

And last… My article on evil births and motherhood in Lovecraft's works has recently been published online, in The Evil Body, a free e-book published by InterDisciplinary Press. If you feel like having a look, it's free, although the process for getting it is a little unwieldy (you have to register, and then check out, as if you were shopping online, though the site doesn't ask for credit card details). And there are some great articles in there (for SFF fans, I particularly recommend Lilla Smee's excellent piece on William Morris's works, and Simon Bacon's on motherhood in Alien and Transformers).



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