Polling Lj on SFF readership

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I have a poll in my last entry about science the fiction and fantasy readership. I need this data for my ongoing PhD on science fiction and fantasy, and it would be great if you could have a look, here. It’s anonymous, there are no essay questions and it takes about three minutes to fill, tops. Oh, and it will be used for research, not advertisement. For those who have already taken it: many, many thanks!

All signal boosting enormously appreciated! Poll data is useless unless there is a large number of answers (at least a couple hundred), so if you can pass the word, I’d be extremely thankful!

First, if you’re wondering why I didn’t include an option for professional writers or entertainers, it’s simply a mistake. There were a limited number of options available and while I was trying to figure out which occupation categories to bundle and how, I forgot the « entertainer » category (now I htink about it, I forgot « retired » too…). You can choose « decline to answer »; there’s another question about professional writing anyway.

Gender, age, occupation:

These are standard questions. One of the few comprehensive polls I managed to find stated that readers of speculative fiction are mostly young, male, and educated; it’s quite an old poll, however, so I’d like to see if that changed.

How many books do you read/what percentage of SFF:

I’d like to know if speculative fiction readers are in general occasional readers, or devoted to spec fic, and also, if they read on a regular basis.

Short stories, novels, trilogies:

Short stories, and cycles on the other end, are popular forms in genre literature. I wanted to know if they are more popular with the readers than other forms (short and long novel)

Genre preference, opinion about genre quality :

I’d like to find out whether readers of SFF see it as entertainement, or as quality literature. Also, I’d like to know if it’s still true that readers on average see science fiction as superior to fantay (so far, not…)

Do you know what spec fic is/Is horror part of spec fic:

Just checking, as the term « speculative fiction » is almost never used in French, and horror is often sold separately from SFF in bookshops.

Do you write fiction?

That’s a control question, of sorts. I won’t use the results in the same way if they come primarily from readers or from professional writers.

Other SFF-related activities:

I’d like to know how important conventions, gaming, art, fanfiction etc. are in the life of an SFF reader/writer.


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