Help much wanted–and it will only take you three minutes!

As I mentioned a couple of times, I am currently writing a dissertation on imaginary universes in science fiction and fantasy. My supervisor recently asked me whether I could find some statistics about the readership of SF&F. I have trouble finding the exact statistics I want, which is why I created this poll.

It would help me a lot if I could get as many answers as possible from readers of SF&F from all kinds of places and backgrounds, so I would appreciate it very much if you could repost or link to this. Answering should take about three minutes, it's entirely anonymous and it won't be used for advertisement. Thanks a lot for helping!

Any and all comments, suggestions or questions welcome (just leave a note in the comments)

ETA: it seems that I forgot the "writer/musician/artist/performer" category in the "occupation" dropbox, but I can't find a way to edit the poll right now. If you fall into that category, you can choose "decline to answer" (it would be great if you can leave a comment, but only if you have time to do so!)


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