Museum memories

In the museum of archaeology in Istanbul, there is a room with gold bangles and necklaces arranged on a shelf. A bright lamp makes them gleam, rather proudly, because they’re over two thousand years old after all, and can still reflect electric light like hell. On top of the shelf, there is a label that reads–

"Objects from the unplundered hypogea in the Sidon burial place"

If you turn around from there, you’ll catch the amused eye of a king from Sidon, peeking from his own glass case–the mummy, as he is coyly labelled, through he really looks more like a not very complete skeletton. Still, for all his missing bones, he’s in amazing shape, remnants of tendons holding his back in a firmly arched position where the bottom of the sarcophagus should have been, which makes him look determined and athletic, if a bit silly. He doesn’t mind, though: his face bears a genial grin, with the talkative expression of a man ready to bare his heart to complete strangers without a second thought. Well, unless that brownish mass beneath his ribs is his lungs, not his heart. Hard to tell.

The scene looks light and charming, and very much unplundered.


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