Non-fiction for Hugos and BSFA

I’m back, having finished my article just in time for the deadline. Not that these were exactly the most relaxing two weeks in the year, but I made it. I also booked my flight to San Antonio and a nice hotel room, sent my application for a travel grant and started negociating with the university to get at least a little something to cover the expenses, and by the way, if anyone has an answer to explain why ALL conferences have to be organised in bloody expensive 4-stars hotels, I’d be grateful to know…

On a related subject, we’re hearing a lot at the moment about award season and nominating stuff and all, and while I was busy thinking about what I would nominate and why (even though I can’t), I just realised that the Hugos and BSFA had non-fiction categories. So, theoretically, the two pieces I had up in Strange Horizons last year are eligible.

I’m not hoping to get a nomination, really. Mostly I’m just enjoying the thought that I have work that could be nominated for a Hugo, in theory, and that I can write a post like this. Hey, I’m on the bandwagon, too!

The articles are here (on Lovecraft’s Dream stories) and here (on how maps in fantasy novels are designed to mean something and not just to represent an invented world), if you’d like to have a look. I personally like the one on maps better…


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