The unfathomable joys of nerdiness

Fiction acceptances still aren’t taking off, but so far my record for non-fiction isn’t completely crappy, so I guess there’s still hope after all. Out of five proposals I’ve sent to various conferences around the world, three so far have been accepted. Which means that in 2011, I’m scheduled to give lectures in San Antonio, Texas, in Potsdam, and in Warsaw, for now. And maybe stopping at Eastercon on the way, if I can make it without missing too much in San Antonio.

One of the many good things about being a PhD student is that you get to go on almost a world tour and you don’t even have to bother with the whole part about actually getting famous. I love my job!

So during the holidays, I’m off to write on:

– the representation of magical creatures from the Middle Ages to contemporary fantasy
– paganism versus Christianity in Tolkien’s works
– monstrous women and births in Lovecraft’s fiction
– possibly come up with yet another abstract on fantasy and mediaeval literature, another one on Gormenghast if I manage to finish that book at all and one on anything remotely related to cyberspace. You should carry on playing as long as you’re on a lucky streak, no?

I’ve only been in two conferences, but it’s so easy to become addicted. It’s discovering new places, meeting interesting people and discussing things you love all at the same time, who wouldn’t be? Also I may even be able to stop in Oklahoma on the way to Texas, and catch up with my almost-Americanised sister.

Next year looks good indeed!


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