Local politics

Just finished a discussion with my boyfriend about the local elections that are going to take place on Sunday. I’m voting for the environmentalists, as usual. I haven’t looked at their programme. The point is, I’m fed up in advance of hearing the arguments of both right and left, who are going to interpret the elections as an expression of the profound satisfaction, or anger (depending on the side) of the French people with the government. Wake up, people. Local politics have nothing to do with national politics. It’s comparatively easy to do a good job in a region you know well. It doesn’t mean your party could direct the country adequately. As it appeared in the last presidential campaign, even the Christian nationalists of the extreme right wing are able to do a good job with a mainly rural, sparsely populated region. That doesn’t mean their leader would make a good president. Voting for the socialists in local election doesn’t mean we would be ready to see them at the top, especially with the pitiful spectacle they have been giving us lately, with their endless bickerings about who is going to take the lead.

Of course, given my recent experience with local politicians, I was bound to act a little world-weary. Nothing that is not going to be cured in a few days.

And I will still go and vote for my environmentalist buddies, so let it not be said that the mayor’s alligator smile and the physical assault I suffered in the office of that horrid ugly toad of a woman have deterred me from performing my democratic duties. 


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