A quiet day

I’m writing from the sofa in my parents’ living room, with a pleasant background noise of an oven preheating and my sister picking the bits of crumble mix sprinkled everywhere in the kitchen from the apple-and-berries crumble she is about to bake. We don’t see my sister so often these days. Right now I’m looking forward to eating the crumble, rather than starting to read this monstrous book on cartography I brought from the library.

My boyfriend and I, we went to see Avatar yesterday morning. He found it awful, I enjoyed myself tremendously despite the lack of a scenario. The floating, three-dimensioned mountains and giant trees reminded me of Planescape, the D&D setting. The best way to enjoy this kind of movie is to take it as two hours and a half watching something very pleasing to the eyes, and to let your hormones carry yourself instead of your intellect for a while. The solemn music, war cries and my absolute antipathy for those very real companies that are absolutely ready to be as horrible as the villains in the movie in order to get their dosh eventually allowed me to stop trying to guess (sucessfully) what the dialogue would be for the next 10 minutes. 

I hope one day we’ll get to see a movie like this with a scenario on top. If they ever make Planescape into a movie, count on me to come see it running.

The sky is still a suspicious shade of white instead of blue, and there is a little bit of wind, though not maddeningly strong and chilling as it was in the dead of winter. Birds are swarming around the balls of grain and grease my parents hang everywhere in the garder for them. The squirrel is not there, though. Sometimes we see it run down the branches of the pine where it nests, chase the birds away, and then start to hang bat-like from the branch, front paws clutching the grease ball, biting at it ravenously. The cats stay inside and make a strange throaty sound like a dove cooing, having a brief fit of hunting instinct before going back to sleep in the warm living room.

Well, I’m afraid that’s enough procrastinating. My geography book is glaring at me, and I only have one month left to write this article…


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