Is There Anybody… Out… There?… (follow-up guitar solo)

A bit daunting, that one. Will anyone ever read this? Right now it feels like shouting in a big empty hall, Hello, is there anyone in there except the echo?


Better introduce myself:

This is a public journal, so I am afraid whichever efforts I make to have it sound authentic, the persona will always sound more or less like a fiction character. At the very least I hope to make this interesting fiction. 
So who’s our protagonist here? Currently, I’m an academic (I should said PhD student, but "academic" sounds a wicked lot better). My job is to read stuff, mainly science fiction and fantasy, and then write about it, which is rather close to my dream job in fact. If you’re wondering about my actual, day-to-day, bring-home-the-bacon occupation, well, then I teach stuff–the exact nature of which depends on the occasion. Right now it’s French, translation and music. In the past it has been English, Spanish, Japanese, and drawing.
And if you are wondering about what I do when I want to enjoy myself, well… lots of things. I write stories. Maybe one day I’ll post updates about my forthcoming work and anthologies and even novels, who knows, but for the moment, I’m still lingering in the purgatory of the second-best ("There was so much we loved about your story, and we thought about it a lot but right now this isn’t quite what we’re looking for, please try us again"). I also play some piano, sing a little though not very well, paint when I can find the time, travel when I can find even more time and money, dawdle and procrastinate (I’m very good at it), and browse the Net to learn all sorts of more-or-less interesting, but amusing, bits of knowledge. Oh, and I love cooking.

Now what will this journal be about? My life? Maybe. More probably, it will be about little bits of anything I may find interesting at the moment, perhaps some little stories, and hopefully, one day, my gushing joy at having found a home for same. Just in case, I’ll try to make it a pleasant read.

There… Perhaps someone will read this someday, or perhaps I’ll have a good time coming back to it if it is still there in a few years’ time. Anyway, whoever might be there, thank you and hope you’ll come back!



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